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>> looks more ominous than it is as we have some clouds tree ising in here from the north and west. when -- streaming in here from the north and west. should be a mostly sunny day and featuring temperatures, high temperatures in the mid- 80s this afternoon and with temperatures only in the mid- 80s and our humidity still in check, it should be a beautiful afternoon around here and should be nice and dry. all right, let's do the forecast for today and, again, sunshine, plenty of warmth this afternoon. a warm one with highs in the mid-80s and we're take taking rain out of the equation more details on the forecast next. >> all right, thank you very much. and let's check with julie wright and get traffic now.
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>> and all lanes are opening now travelling the top side between college park and bethesda. no incidents to report and a cross the merge legion bridge. the traffic volume is to the tyson's area. the lanes are open on 270, westbound i-70 at patrick street and the lane are opened. northbound i-95. no incidents to report, leaving woodbridge and things are good across the occoquan and that is a check of your foxify on-time traffic. on -- fox 5 on-time traffic. a fire broke out last night at holy cross hospital in montgomery county. >> it forced patients to evacuate and we get the latest from sherri ly live in silver springs. sherry. >> reporter: it took 20 minutes to put the fire out here last night but the damage was done. the smoke was coming into the building at one point and the hospital immediately put its emergency plan into action. the fire was reported about 11:15 last night on the third
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floor initially of the hospital and montgomery county fire and rescue team was already at the hospital in the emergency room dropping off a patient. they decided to go up and to investigate. what they found was the fire on the outside of the building and the snow was coming inside the labor and delivery suites of the hospital. the hospital moved those patients to another part of the building where they were safe and no patients, care or procedures at the hospital were interrupted. the fire department now said that the fire started on or near the ground floor in some sort of mechanical system. they did remain here at the hospital leave night to make sure that the fire alarms were reset and the building was brought back up to code. but the fire was put out. again, no injuries, no procedures or patient care was disrupted at the hospital. in fact, it did remain open.
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but clearly caused a lot of disruption. that is the latest in silver spring. back to you. >> thank you very much. a maryland man behind bars is charged with trying to kidnap a two-year-old from a best buy store on wednesday and the child's father said that germaine palmer grabbed his son and took off running. the father was able to chase the man down and started fighting with him. and the child was not hurt. the man police sayel to a car with a mother and toddler inside is due in court today for a bond review. this this started wednesday night at a baltimore gas station and ended on the beltway past cabin john and bethesda. that is where the 24 year ole victim e scanned with her son. >> he was going 110 at a point. i'm going if he hits anyone, we're going flip. i didn't want to jump but i didn't know what else to do.
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i acted like i was putting on my seatbelt on with this hand and pushed the door open and used the leg first and jumped out. >> the suspect, 22-year-old karen -- teron alvin white is facing kidnapping, assault, and traffic violations, including negligent driving. we turn to the economy now and the talks on the debt. another meeting last night ended without any progress and president obama told negotiators to go and to talk to members about what kind of deal can be voted on saturday and they're not meeting today. the president scheduled another news conditions for later this morning and meantime, leaders are pointing the finger at eric cantor, saying he's the main roadblock to a deal and up willing to compromise. >> he's not been constructive in working out the problems we
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have. we're not going to raise the debt ceiling if we don't have cuts in excess of that amount. >> and tag is turning to a backup plan in the senate being hammered by harry reid and mitch mcconnell. a plan of making the school's norms single sex. we'll break that down after the break. a d.c. police officer on the wrong side of the law. his arrest marked the 18th time had year a d.c. officer has been busted. find out what several women are accusing him of. fox 5 morning now will be right back. it's 7 after 6.
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>> 6:10 right now. on just the second day of testimony, it ended in a mistrial. the judge halted that when prosecutors showed jurors evident the judge ruled out. a videotape of the former teammate's wife saying her
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husband told her that clemens confessed to using steroids. the judge called it prejudicial evidence saying clemens could no longer get a fair trial. the 18th time this year, a d.c. police officer is facing criminal charges. he's accused of sexually assaulting three women while on duty. authorities say he approached the women on the street and ordered them to follow him to a secluded area. he had the police powers revoked -- revoked last year. >> and there is controversy to make the dorms single-sex dorms. the law professor filed against the president saying segy- gender dorms is against the act. the pin has been targeted -- pentagon has been targeted
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in a massive cyberattack. that is coming up in a bit. fox metro riders, expect delays on the rails this weekend. we have everything you need to know.
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>> 6:15 right now as we look out from, looking out over the d.c. region this morning and you're seeing sunshine out there this morning and cool conditions. compared to what we have seen. as a matter of fact, tucker is saying the coolest conditions this month. >> you got it. it's coal and feels better. we'll break -- . >> and you have been complaining. >> and some good might be coming from a hoax that misled journalists across the nation. the helium balloon when a colorado couple said the young son floated away in the
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balloon. the balloon is has been sold at auction for a whopping $25 million. they will pass that money to the japan earthquake tsunami and japanese relief fund. >> and i think they did it to get their napes out there. and may have pururred themselves to make a donation. >> possible. >> and in better news? >> the weather forecast, listen, sunny, bright today, tomorrow, and through the end of the weekend. and i really can't remember july where we have had a stretch of weather featuring the temperatures in the mid-80s and this is a nice forecast. >> and harder next week? >> and we'll talk about it. looking down the road, 93 degrees here with a vengeance this week and enjoy this weekend and to the headlines we go and the conditions are ideal here and we're back into the
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80s later today and the humidity is in check and 69 at reagan national and that is the cool number for the morning, 64 in gaithersburg and we'll get all of the 60s, 61 degrees, leonardtown, southern maryland, good morning, you're 61 degrees to the east and stevennensville to 70 and -- stevensville, 70 and cambridge. meg the sunshine for you, should be a bright and sunny day. some high cirrous clouds moving through and won't amount to much. the high temperatures are in the mid-80s and this is that live look and some cloud cover here to the north and west and that high pressure is staying in charge the next few days to chicago and st. louis and there is not a lot going on.
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more of the same, hope you can get used to it, the high temperatures each day in the 80s, overnight lows in the 60s and no rain until early next week. 86 degrees, lots of sunshine and pleasant temperatures? don't get to see that too often. the winds out of the south at five miles per hour and clear and comfortable tone, open the windows. the overnight lows on into the low to mid-60s, 67 and the winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour and this is the five-day forecast. again, the sunshine tell, 88 and near 90 on sunday. the humidity will creep up on sunday and i think you really notice it back by monday and tuesday about&with the highs in the 90s and may be a thunderstorm by tuesday afternoon. and let's look at the weather forecast and some traffic. julie wright has the latest on this friday morning. gearing, julie. >> reporter: all right, tucker, travelling -- good morning, julie. >> reporter: all right, tucker travelling to the crash of the dulles toll road and near route 7. no problems to report at arlington boulevard. the pace is good as you work your way on the beltway in each
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direction between braddock road and 66. no incidents on 66 from the west and northbound i-95 not a bad commute now, early this morning and leaving the occoquan to 395 am the outer loop of the beltway, here comes the son. university boulevard to colesville road and out of germantown. northbound i-95, the accident activity reported in the right lane as you approach 216. and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. all right, julieing thank you very much. plan for delays if you're riding metro this weekend. the crews will be working on the orange, red, blue, and yellow lines. the track work begins at 10:00 p.m. tonight and runs through closing on sunday. check metro's website for specific details. >> startling revelation by the pentagon. the defense department was the victim of a tube irseiner attack -- of a saab attack in march.
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the officials are not saying which nation they think is responsible but they're outlining a new strategy to protect government information. the pentagon has been working with experts in the tech industry to build's new set of safeguards to make systems moranile and responsive. the u.s. military cybercommand estimates the computer systems are probed by would-be a salients 250,000 times every hour and there mean new competition for itunes. spy a fly has 10 million registered users and do -- available in the united states. it let's users download music for free. you have access to more than 15 million free stoppings as -- free songs as long as you listen to the 15-second ad. the catch is you will pay $5 a month for a computer-only version without the ads. >> hmm. >> interesting. might do that. $5 off? again, foreclosure rates are down 29% and that sounds like good news, right? signs fantastic. we're going to break down what
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the numbers mean straight ahead. we'll be right back. r r lt
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>> 6:24 right now. the value of on gold hits an all-time high. wholesale inflation and mortgage rates drop and now claims of mixed news before the job market. fox businesss ashley webster has the latest for us now. >> reporter: some good news and bad news for shoppers. inflation at the wholesale level is more than expected last month. a sharp drop in energy costs powering down prices to take away energy, food, and prices for everything else that is rising. also rising gold. announced with the shiny stuff and hitting another all-time high, closing in on $1,600. [ no audio ]
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[ no audio ] >> that's right. and you got it. >> all right, to the forecast and let you know we're looking at more bright sunshine, temperatures in the mid-80s, low humidity. great combination as we get into the afternoon hours and again, there is the radar. you can see the cloud cover, got a ban there and some portions of maryland and west
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virginia. 62 in ocean city and winchester 63 and 60s out there. salisburys and that is it. mostly sunny skies, a beautiful day, 86 and again, low humidity for our friday. i will have details on the weekend and we have a weather question coming up in a bit. >> yeah, i have to read up on it. >> and you asked a question. >> that's right. >> and -- >> let tucker take care of it. >> a fascinating question that i have wandered about. do fish drink water. >> that is a good question. >> and i do not know the answer. >> we answered one before about that, do fish sleep. >> we get a lot of questionious. yeah yo and this is do fish drink water. >> right.
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and light get to julie wright. >> reporter: all right, travelsartown, a nice easy drive and on traffic is flowing freely out of oxen hill and some lanes are open on the other side of town and to that lane divide. from the west here, the gang's all here as you travel eastbound on 66 and with some delays from fair oaks to 123 and leads straight to the beltway. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to the top story, a fire at hold cross hospital forcing some patients to evacuate and fortunately, nobody's hurt. >> we're going to get more now from sherri ly who is live outside of the hospital in silver spring. good morning, sherry. >> reporter: the hospital remains open and those patients were only evacuated to other
6:33 am
area of the building and that fire was put out in 20 minutes and not before the parts are filled with smoke and they put the emergency plan into action. the fire was first reported around 11:15 last night on the third floor of the hospital where the labor and delivery suites are located. smoke was coming inside and the patients were safely evacuated and no patients care or deliveries were interrupted. turns out the fires not inside the building but started outside on or near the ground floor in a mechanical system. the firefighters responded almost immediately because the fire and rescue crew was already at the hospital. >> montgomery county fire and rescue had a medic unit delivering the patient at the time and they dawned their turn outhere and investigated where they found the tire on the exterior in the building in the area of the third floor yo.
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>> reporter: no estimates on the damages yet and no one was hurt in this fire, and as of right now, that appears everything is back to normal. tony in. >> up that. federal and local officials busted an international drug trafficking ring smuggling heroin into the united states and investigators said they were carrying them in special designed bags to hide the heroin. eight people were charged, all but one arrested, two in maryland, one in alexandrea, one in new york, and three in go up a. >> a partnership tried to carry on some knives. a 25-year-old baltimore man was taken into custody and nying to
6:35 am
michigan saying he collects the knives. a tsa spokesman said officers find knives and guns every day but the number of weapons in this haul was unusual. morarily troubles in boston. two pearls -- airlines were preparing for departure and landed on the taxi way. the wing of a delta jet clipped the tail of another operated by atlantic southeast airlines. investigators are still trying to figure out how this happened. both aircrafts were taken out for inspection. one passenger complained of neck pain after the crash. otherwise, no injuries. in a check of the headlines, the fbi is getting into the newspaper scandal rocking britain and will investigate claims that 9/11 victims may have been hacked by reporters at the news of the world. the justice department is makingp queeries based on some concerns bying can.
6:36 am
another newspaper editor revined -- resigned this morn. rebecca brooks is stepping down and will appear before a parliamentary hearing next week and with her, rupert murdoch and his son. fox 5 is owned by news corp. a new york city man accused of kidnapping and dismembering an eightier old bomade the first court appearance. he's charred with killing levy clepsty on monday. the police say they have not ruled out sexual molestation. and around is undergoing a psychiatric examination. >> to the economy now and another meeting ended without progress. president obama told them to go talk to members and what kind of deal on saturday. they're not meeting today but the president scheduled another news conditions for later this morning, which we will air on
6:37 am
fox 5. in the meantime, democratic leaders are pointing the finger at virginia congressman eric cantor, saying he's the many roadblock and that he's unwilling to cool myself. -- compromise. attention is now turning to a backup plan in the senate being hammered out by harry reid and mitch mcconnell. three major bond rating agencies have -- [ no audio ] -- . >> hit theatres. i was at tyson's corner yesterday afternoon. >> sold out? >> sold out and people are 19 and this is in the afternoon in costumes and everything and we're going to get --
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not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> 6 fortright now on this -- 6:40 this morning on this friday morning. >> the final installation. >> not even a magic position could have kept this day from coming. it's opening day for the last movie in the harry potter saga. >> and kevin mccarthy, they're at the uptown theatre with a review of the harry potter series finale. wow, that is hard to say. take it away. >> reporter: good morning, be. the highly successful series came to an end and the best of things at some point have to come to an end, right? joining me now is kevin mccarthy, you see him here every friday j. how are you? >> good morning, kev. and gorgeous as always. >> right. >> and we saw the 330 tool a.m. folks shuffling out of her -- . [ no audio ] -- to dive into the wizards world, right?
6:42 am
>> right. >> and the potter glasses. >> the special edition 3d. >> that's right. >> and limited edition. >> and we entered our journey. what did you think about the movie? this is my thing. 10 years ago, sat down and was 17 years old, committed myself to the characters. it was an emotionally engaging experience. you expect after 10 years and eight phelps, you're going to get the epic finally you that want. i will say this there are aspects of the film where i do feel they did a great job of closing it up, but i have some problems and i will get that to that shortly. this is a brief pot line -- plot line, the last two films. >> yeah. >> yew looking for cruxes, objects with fragments of lord valdemort's soul. >> right. >> and he'll be able to stand a chance to fight. >> right. >> and this is an epic finale
6:43 am
bal involvement right. and do you think it ties up all the lossens in. >> yeah. >> very engaging and intense film. uh. and that is on that level of the the biggest issue is the expectations of the movie. we expect the final bal to be the greatest battle in the history of sinma. >> right. right. >> it was anticlimb arctic and when they kill dumbbell door in the sixth film, they do know how to direction the final things we want and that being said, though, i didn't read the books. i was engaged in the the twist and plot terms -- turns. the hogwarts battle is a gorgeous film and this is not
6:44 am
bad. i didn't feel harry's rage and i didn't feel it. that is my only problem with the movie. >> all right. and that happens. >> right. >> and do you have any suggestions on that in. that is shot in 2d and converted later on and it's fake. >> yeah, fake imax as well and if you see it, you will see that screing at the top and billion. and did not shot it in the i max format. don't waste the extra three, four dollars, see it in glorious digital 2o particular. i gave the movie a four out of five, i think the prisoner of azca ban and goblet of fire are best films. >> okay. >> and. >> and that is good to see it. >> andy and i -- . oh. we're the best.
6:45 am
we host the show together. we need to. >> and back to you guys. >> is it me or do they look natural with the glasses? >> i know. i couldn't tell a difference with kevin. four out of five stars, that is good. and get this, the smithsonian announced late last night that the harry potter finale will also play at the e max theatres in washington and northern virginia in shape tilly and the film opens july 29th at the theatre at the national museum of natural history on the national mall. the costumes from the film on loan from warper brothers will be in display. >> and that is cool. >> a on the of people down and probably saw the film this weekend. >> right, right. >> and seeing it in the i max theatre. >> and that is a phenomenon. it has sprained millions and millions. the booing for the movies. >> -- the book for the movies. >> and a lot of folks are stuck
6:46 am
with it. and -- . >> you were not a teenager. why right. >> and i will say. >> the fact that -- the ax cadmy. all right, steven. enough from you today. i have had it. 4:25 in the morning. the temperatures. >> of about you start, obviously, we're having technical problems this morning. we want to thank you all for hanging in there with us and a rot of us folks making comments on our facebook page and we're trying to work them out. hang in there. >> we are. >> and disappointed. my funniest moments you couldn't hear. they were cracking up. trust me. i apologize if you were not able to share on that. >> -- . >> to re-enact. and nice and sunny -- [ no audio ] >> 60s. yeah, they go. 69 degrees. 69 at reagan national.
6:47 am
annapolis is 69 degrees and what a nice morning. beautiful morning off to north and west, the cloud cover and still, can't complain when temperatures look like that. 73 in manasses; 65 in hagerstown and southern maryland, good morning, leonardtown, 63 degrees and let's see, to the east we go. cambridge, 59th and the 50s out there. going to be a great day and another beautiful day across the area. the highs in the mid-80s. and there is your echos here and this is just some thunderstorm activity that is going to the north and west in michigan. and in of that is into the area. otherwise, you can see here in indiana-ohio, we have quiets and should be in for a bright sunshine. not only today but most of saturday, sunday, and into monday, featuring nice conditions around here and again, i want to mention the humidity on the low side for much of the weekend here and let's do the beaches, there you
6:48 am
go. ocean city, that is what you call a picture-perfect weekend. lots of sunshine and bethany up to rehoboth. and cape may, and some water tell, 75 degrees and that is a nice looking weekend. the sunshine, pleasant temperatures, yikes, the high. -- 86, the high and clear and comfortable tonight. 67 yourever night low and open the windows, turn the air conditioner off and you will need that next week. we're going to warm up back into the mid-90s here by early next week and could be a thunderstorm on tuesday and let me give you the heads up. i think next week, we're in for a heat wave and we will be doing lots of 90s around here for the middle and end of next week and into next weekend. yeah. we'll leave it at that and worry about this weekend first. >> and it's time for?
6:49 am
today's question comes from casey shepherd and we have a lot of questions about fish lately. >> thank you. >> and i have been wondering, do fish drink water? >> excellent question. >> and a question i did not have [ cheering and applause ] er is to. >> and i didn't know. >> andde more research. >> and did you? >> we do. >> and working hard on theseef day. >> going back to school shortly. and you have been noticed in september, the quality of the answers. >> if you have any tough questions. hear me now. and that is a good point. >> and let's get to it. fish do, well, it depends on the type of fish. >> filter water, right in. >> yes. >> and they do filter water.
6:50 am
let me motion quickly, they have oxygen. >> right. >> and fresh water fish don't drink water. it's a process called osmosis. they absorb it through their skin. >> okay. >> and that balance between the water and outside environment and their internal organs is balanced through osmosis. for salt water fish, it's a will more complicated because of the salt water environment and they can't get them to absorb the water. they have to deal with the issue of salt as well and they have a tendency to drink the water and have some special filters. >> it's about balancing the levels of water and salt in their body and balanced with the water surrounding them. >> interesting. >> salt water fish do drink. i mean they have osmosis going on as well. >> right. >> and that does not am water.
6:51 am
>> marine mammals they don't drink water. they get all the water they need. >> we need it. >> to grow and that is fascinating. the fish don'ting -- don't drink. that is how they lived in the potomac and anacostia. >> and not drinking it. >> you think absorbing it wouldn't be that great either. >> and the problems, until they absorb it. >> uh. >> and interesting. there is a difference between the salt water and fresh war. >> yeah. >> and that is a great question, casey shepherd, we thank you for sending that in. >> you have a question you want answered, go to, and click on
6:52 am
the weather tab. we're encouraging you to upload video questions as well. we'll play that live on the air. >> yes, we do. thank you very much. >> good stuff. >> 652 tool and check in with -- 6:52 and check in with julie with traffic. >> my mic's on and everything. all right, guys, good morning to the crew in sky fox right now. y that hovering above the beltway at 50, the john hanson highway. an easy trip if travelling between the beltway and the bay bridge. a lot of you may think about heading out of up to with the great forecast this tucker gave us. it's a nice time to drive. me numbers between the gets to the wilson bridge, the traffic is falling. we'll take it back inside and on the northbound. 3 never at duke street. no problems to report toward seminary road. slow here, 66 and 123. the top side of the beltway looking good, college park toward bethesda. southbound 29, no incidents and to the four corners.
6:53 am
that is a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you very much, julie. it's official now, july is rickey month in washington. this whole rickey thing is taking off. >> it is. and it's odd to me, i must say. thursday, the d.c. council named the alcoholic drink the district's native cocktail. in the 1880s, it was referred to as air conditioning in a glass. how did they know anything about air conditioning in. fans issue perhaps in judge maybe airplane ahead of it at a time. the rickey was invented at a bar that is now the j.w. marriott in northwest. the dripping got the name from the lobby yesterday, colonel joe rickey. it was over rickey that journal of thes and politicians came together to free prohibition. it was made with bourbon, gyp or rye heck withy. the key is to make sure i have a fresh lime. squeeze the juice into the glass. that version of a rickey is
6:54 am
gin. we also have the recipe on the website at remember, it's for adults only. >> uh-huh. >> and exer size with caution, of course. makes you wonder if the politicians or journal of thes get together -- >> how much got gone done in. and how much work is out there. that was a long time, folks. we're continueing with the present day. the harry potter coverage far from over. >> holly morris has an interesting like in virginia that can be compared to hogwarts. really? is that how you pronounce it? >> we're talking potions, magic and wizardry. after the break.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
good morning. how does a magical friday sound? the final harry potter movie came out early this morning.
6:58 am
we decided to come to the set of the movie. i mean that looks like where i am. actually i'm not. i'm live this morning at the museum in alexandria. this is a real place. it's the oldest continuously running business here. we're going to learn about its history and the lotions and potions they made back in the day. today we're going to learn how to make a few concoctions ourselves. so we have a few wizards here as well. he's going to show us some of his amazing imaginic. a candle turns into a rose. and he's only just begun this morning. so by the time we are done here, if you didn't go see one of those midnight showings, you're going to be inspired to go see the final harry potter
6:59 am
movie yourself. i'm very impressed. they even have potters clay right here. i hear they even have some dragon roof. it's going to be a lot of fun. coming up at 7 a fire breaks out at a montgomery county hospital sending smoke into the third floor maternity ward. plus president obama getting ready to address the nation about its economic woes. this is another round of debt talks that goes nowhere. one person has left their post and an apology may be on the way. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now. let's take a look outside courtesy of the tower

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